“Instant Fudgy Brownie Cake for One” by Kristina

I had a HUGE craving for chocolate one night. However, I soon learned that there were NO desserts in my house: cookies, brownies, you name it…they were NOWHERE to be found. My desperation, and the fact that I had PLENTY of ingredients in my pantry to satisfy this craving, inspired me to look up microwaveable chocolate mug cake recipes online. Fortunately, I was able to find something worth mentioning, which can be found on the following:


This met my expectations! A lot of recipes called for cocoa powder, which I didn’t have 😦 (I mean, who really DOES?!?) Thankfully, I came across this quick and easy recipe that only required a few, simple ingredients!
Some advice: I would mix this THOROUGHLY. I was afraid of over-mixing, and ended up with small chunks of flour. I DO think that a little baking powder and/or baking soda, as well as some oil, would help with the texture. My craving was SO bad that I didn’t really care that it was a little tough and spongey, but for those who are picky, I would experiment a little with the three, other ingredients. (Remember, this is baked in the microwave, so you are sacrificing texture for time!) Also, I only added about 1 1/2 tablespoons of honey and it was perfect–not bland at all, but also not over-powering. For anyone who loves dark chocolate, dark chocolate chips worked perfectly!
I microwaved this for 3 minutes according to the recipe. I just watched the cake and stopped it halfway through for one second before continuing so that it did not explode. So, the recipe seems to work as long as you keep an eye on your cake!! (Which you should do anyway.)

Next time, I think that I might put a few frozen hershey kisses or a Lindor truffle in the middle to get a little more of a
“molten chocolate lava cake.”

Lastly, this was a LOT of cake. I had planned on making this just for myself, but for ONCE in my life, I actually SHARED a little bit of it!! If you are making this, prepare TWO spoons!!


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